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What You’ll See at Our Reptile Expos

Whether you are just curious, or you’re a lifetime enthusiast, the HERPS reptile expo is for you. Have fun at the action-packed event learning about all kinds of exotic creatures including arachnids, lizards, snakes, and many more

Our Huge Selection of Reptiles, Exotic Pets and Related Products

HERPS has been involved in reptile and exotic animals community and shows in Austin (TX), Conroe (TX), Beaumont (TX), Oklahoma City (OK), New Orleans (LA), Lafayette (LA), Longview (TX), Corpus Christi (TX), Amarillo (TX), Temple (TX), Pueblo (CO), Bryan (TX), and Slidell (LA) for over a decade.

The reptile expo organized by HERPS is an all-ages, two-day amazing event that gives visitors a chance to see all manner of reptiles and exotic creatures. It is a perfect outing for the entire family as both parents and kids can take part in a variety of activities: live rattlesnakes demonstrations, educational talks, and hands-on experience among other interesting things.

At the HERPS reptile expo, you will be able to buy thousands of reptiles, small mammals, feeders, amphibians, supplies, and more at discounted prices. Meet up with other animal lovers who share your passion, explore different tables, and chat with different breeders.

Come Experience Our Reptile Expos 2021

Are you ready to experience our reptile expo 2021? Visit Show Dates to find out more about our reptile expo 2021. Don’t miss an entire two days of fun filled with reptiles! And, if you are a vendor, join us and become part of the largest reptile festivals in the USA.

Family-owned and operated, HERPS promotes shows for customers and vendors. We have been in the business for more than a decade and we pride ourselves on providing a fun environment, while still holding the quality of our vendors to the highest standard. If you are interested in being a vendor at any of our event locations, visit Vendor Registration page and fill out a vendor registration form. You can also call us at (979) 595-7831 for any inquiries. Our event locations include Austin, Amarillo, Conroe, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Temple, Bryan-College Station, Lafayette, Longview, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Pueblo, and Slidell.

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