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Wide Variety of Exotic Pet Lizards and Geckos in One Place!

HERPS Exotic Reptile & Pet Shows organizes brings together the best pet lizards and geckos breeders, vendors, and suppliers in a welcoming and fun atmosphere that favors education, business, and communication.

Would you like to find out more about pet lizards and maybe even take one home with you? Why waste time in local pet stores or try your luck online when every HERPS Exotic Reptile Expo offers everything you are looking for and much, much more?

You’ll get to see large and small pet lizards from various species, not only on display but also during spectacular live performances. These are great to watch with your entire family. Your children will love to see the most popular lizard pets from up close and they can have fun in the kids’ corner while you interact with breeders and vendors to gather the pet lizards’ info and advice you need.

Professional Breeders Will Recommend Pet Lizards and Geckos for Beginners

Once you’ve seen how interesting and fun pet lizards are, you won’t want to go home without one. You won’t have to. On the contrary, our expo is the best place to find pet lizards for beginners, safe to have around and not very demanding.

Any of the professional breeders attending will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best pet lizards. Some will also provide basic reptile care items, bedding, foods, and more.

You will be talking to, learning from, and buying for professionals, interacting with others who share your passion, and admire rare, venomous reptiles that would never qualify as pet lizards for beginners.

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Don’t Forget That Pet Lizards and Geckos Are Available for Sale at Our Reptile Expos!

Besides entertainment and access to quality information on all reptile-related things, at HERPS Exotic Reptile & Pet Shows you will also find all types of pet lizards for sale. All you have to do is check when the next event in your location is scheduled to take place and attend.

You can see exotic lizards for sale and talk to their breeders in Slidell, Conroe, Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Pueblo, Stafford, Austin, Longview, and Waco. To get tickets in advance, find out dates, reservations, and other important details on the available pet lizards for sale, call us at (214) 708-8305 or use the contact form to leave us a message!

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What Else You Will See

What Our Customers Say

Lauren H.

Me and my 8 year old son had a blast this year at the show in dripping springs! We loved seeing all the venomous snakes, and handling all the non venomous! My son got his first snake, and everybody was so helpful in helping him pick one that was good for his first one! I will definitely be going back, and getting a little something for myself this time. We are beyond impressed!

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Jessica I.

Super fun event! All the vendors were really nice and helpful, and were all about letting the kids have a fun experience. Lots of neat stuff, everything from frogs, and snakes to a hairless cat and a wolf!

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