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Turtles & Tortoises

HERPS Exotic Reptile & Pet Shows in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado are a real paradise for pet turtle and tortoise lovers, breeders, and supplies vendors, the place where knowledge and business opportunities meet entertainment

Do you like the idea of keeping a pet turtle or tortoise as companions? It can be a great decision, provided that you choose the right pet turtle species and know how to care for them. Before you take things further, visit our exotic reptile expo to see pet turtles from up close and learn more about them.

These events are great entertainment, learning, and bonding opportunities for families with children. Attended by most big and small pet turtle breeders in the area, they offer live shows and demonstrations, kids learning areas, and business opportunities. Everything happens in a friendly and fun atmosphere that has become every pet turtle lover’s dream.

In Our Educational Area, Professional Breeders Will Share Everything about Pet Turtle Care

Although everyone loves these cute reptiles, many consider pet turtle care a huge responsibility. Our events give attendees the chance to learn all about it from professional breeders. Anyone can learn how to take care of a pet turtle, receive pet turtle food and supplies advice, and even ask questions.

Whether you’re just curious or genuinely interested in learning all about pet turtle care, here you can receive information advice from the best professionals in the field and watch live demonstrations, all while having the time of your life.

Don’t Forget That Pet Turtles Are Available for Sale at Our Reptile Expos!

If you decide to take one of the cute reptiles you see at our expo home, you can do that too. You will surely find a healthy pet turtle for sale at one of the breeders present, and everything you need to take care of it: food, bedding, aquariums, and other supplies, all of the best quality and at the best prices on the market.  

Many reptile lovers search online for stores from where to get a pet turtle and are misguided or end up paying a fortune for a pet turtle for sale that never adjusts to their new home. Don’t let that happen to you!

Check out our Show Dates and locations page for the dates and the places of our upcoming events and you will surely find one in your area. Call us at (214) 708-8305 if you have questions, and we will gladly provide the answers you need. Whether you live in Slidell, Oklahoma City, Conroe, Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Lake Charles, Kansas City, Pueblo, Austin, Stafford, Waco, or Longview, we promise rewarding, unforgettable experiences!

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What Our Customers Say

Lauren H.

Me and my 8 year old son had a blast this year at the show in dripping springs! We loved seeing all the venomous snakes, and handling all the non venomous! My son got his first snake, and everybody was so helpful in helping him pick one that was good for his first one! I will definitely be going back, and getting a little something for myself this time. We are beyond impressed!

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Jessica I.

Super fun event! All the vendors were really nice and helpful, and were all about letting the kids have a fun experience. Lots of neat stuff, everything from frogs, and snakes to a hairless cat and a wolf!

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