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Wide Variety of Exotic Pet Frogs in One Place!

HERPS Exotic Reptile & Pet Shows are a great opportunity for pet frogs breeders, supplies vendors, and enthusiasts to connect, socialize, learn from one another, and begin mutually beneficial collaborations

Are you interested in pet frogs or you like dreaming that they’ll turn into princes or princesses? Then you will surely love attending an HERPS reptile expo. How could you not, when the entire event is dedicated to reptiles and amphibians, and conceived in such a way as to ensure that both you and your loved ones will have the time of your life.

Just imagine being able to see some of the world’s most exotic pet frog species, having the kids learn about them, and participate in all types of fun activities in the dedicated educational area, watching shows and live demonstrations, and meeting some of the most passionate and dedicated pet frogs breeders in the area! You are in for a complete and rewarding experience, and you know it!

Professional Breeders Will Tell You Everything about Pet Frog Care

Are you afraid to commit to pet frog care because you are not sure what it entails and you are worried you will not be able to keep up? Do not give up your dream of owning a pet frog without learning more about it!

At our reptile expo, you can learn how to take care of a pet frog directly from professional breeders, see them perform some of the tasks themselves, and receive answers to any questions you may have.

They will advise you on the best practices, recommend the best foods and other supplies. With their help, you can learn all about pet frog care, win over your fears, and take the step towards owning and caring for the cute amphibian.

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Don’t Forget That Pet Frogs Are Available for Sale at Our Reptile Expos!

Once you’ve clarified what pet frog care entails and realized you have nothing to worry about, don’t hesitate to look for a pet frog for sale. Most breeders attending our expos want safe and welcoming homes for their frogs and will gladly sell you one at an affordable price while providing you with all the necessary information about it. We also have vendors from whom you can buy pet frog food and supplies.

All you have to do is check our Show Dates and Locations page or call us at (214) 708-8305. Whether you’ll be there looking for a pet frog for sale or to buy supplies for the one you have at home, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

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What Our Customers Say

Lauren H.

Me and my 8 year old son had a blast this year at the show in dripping springs! We loved seeing all the venomous snakes, and handling all the non venomous! My son got his first snake, and everybody was so helpful in helping him pick one that was good for his first one! I will definitely be going back, and getting a little something for myself this time. We are beyond impressed!

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Jessica I.

Super fun event! All the vendors were really nice and helpful, and were all about letting the kids have a fun experience. Lots of neat stuff, everything from frogs, and snakes to a hairless cat and a wolf!

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