Now in Conroe, Lake Charles, Austin, Oklahoma City, New Orleans,  and Corpus Christi, we are revolutionizing reptile expos! Browse hundreds of vendor tables that will include thousands of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, feeders, and other exotic pets. There will be educational talks both days, a new Kid’s Corner for an amazing hands on experience, as well as a silent auctions to benefit TxARK and USARK at all shows. Keep up with us on Facebook for updated vendor lists, news, specials, and ticket giveaways. 




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HERPS Conroe 2016 Dates

January 23rd-24th

June 11th-12th

September 10th-11th



HERPS Austin 2016 Dates

May 14th-15th


HERPS Corpus Christi 2016 Dates

April 2nd-3rd

October 8th-9th


HERPS New Orleans 2016 Dates

February 27th-28th

August 27th-28th


HERPS Oklahoma City 2016 Dates

July 23rd-24th


HERPS Lake Charles 2016 Dates

November 5th-6th


HERPS Conroe 2017 Dates

January 28th-29th

June 10th-11th

October 28th-29th


HERPS New Orleans 2017 Dates

March 11th-12th

September 9th-10th



Corpus Christi 2017 Dates

April 1st-2nd

October 7th-8th



Austin 2017 Dates

July 8th-9th



Oklahoma City 2017 Dates

July 29th-30th


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