KEY – Blue = Reserved Red = Venomous Green = Educational


A Dragon’s Dreams – K3-K4

Acadian Enclosures/BurmJunkie – A1-A2

Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital – K9-K10

Bailey & Bailey Reptiles – A13-A14

Bayou Chameleons – A6-A7

Best Exotics – H5-H6

Big Easy Reptiles – H9-H10

Birdytown Exotics – F6-F11

BMT Reptiles – L2

Brandi King Independent Scentsy Consultant – K1

Bronze Serpent Reptiles – L1

Bon Temps Ferret Rescue – N1

Bushhill Reptiles – L9-L10

Carolina Designer Dragons – J1-J5, J14

Chelonian .com – H11-H12

Coast Reptiles – G7-G10

Cornballs – L8

Crawlspace – A8-A9

Crescent Exotics – J13

Crested Moon Reptiles – G5-G6

DeadMan Reptiles – L7

Dragon Reptiles Cages and Racks – E1

E Squared Exotics – H1-H4

Endbringer Exotics – A3

Exotics By Nature – G1-G4

Fascination Herps – H13-H14

Gecko Element – D1-D4

Ghann’s Cricket Farm – G11-G12

Grove Geckos – F5

Houston Frogs – D8-D13

King’s Snakes and Reptiles – L6

Lost Bay Reptiles – A4-A5

Lou Lou’s Worms – D5-D6

JnK Reptiles – J6

KC Reptiles – K5-K8

Morris Wendling – A10

MR Reptiles – H7-H8

NEW Reptiles – L5

NorthShore Reptiles – D7

Once Upon a Gecko – K2

PM Reptiles – D15-D16

Rancho de Tortuga – F1-F4

Red Sky Geckos – A11-A12

Reptiles2You – G11-G12

Rob & Mags – G7-G10

S&S Exotics – B1-B12

SafARI Tails Educational Section – M1

Shawn Barnett Reptiles – F12

Southern Reptile Supplies – C1

Starr Exotix – J7-J12

Swamp Land Serpents – D14

The Dragon Whisperer – L3-L4








To Vend, please visit for rules, and to book your tables. Please email us at if you have any other questions. Please remember to add in the total for any extra vendor badges that you need.