April 2020 Vendor List


Best Exotics – H2-H3

Blake Wilson Reptiles – J11-J12

BRACE Exotics & Custom Builds – G7

Brandi O’Quinn Independent Scentsy – E22

CenTex Caging – J7-J10

Coast Reptiles – K1

CornBalls – B19-B20

E Squared Exotics – H1

Fascination Herp – H4-H5

GBG Exotics – B11-B13

Gecko Element – E1

Gecko World Austin – C1-C5, C10

Genesis 1:11 – M1

Ghann’s Cricket Farm – E2-E3

Ginger Snaps Exotic Reptiles

Gopher Your Pet – L1-L3

Grant Family Exotics – J3-J5

Hail the Scale – G5-G6, L7

High Scale Enclosures – E13-E16

J&A Exotics – B7-B8

Laura’s STEM Creations

Lou Lou’s Worms – E4-E7

MR Reptile – L4-L6

Nature’s Exquisite Creatures

Noctem Exotics

Not Your Average Pet

Once Upon a Gecko – E21

Peachy Exotics

Pet Den – B14-B15

Pet Snake Snacks – E12

PetFlyTrap. com – B4-B6

Precious Creations – B2-B3

Rancho de Tortuga – B1

Reptiles2You – E2-E3

Rita’s Roaches

Scaley Pets and Friends – E17-E20

Simply Southern Crafted – A1-A3

SMS Morphs – E8-E11

Snake Eyes Exotics – J1-J2

Soaring Snakes – G1-G4

Southern Reptile Supplies – D1

Texas Icons – J6

Texas Scale Exotics – B21-B22

The BioDude – B16-B18

The Leather Garden – C11

The Rodent Shoppe – G1-G4

Ultimate Reptiles

Venom Proof Cages – B9-B10

Zoo Nation – Educational Area


Waiting List

Scales of Glory



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