Corpus layout scaled 3-26-17

TxARK Auction Tables – H6-H9

Amanda Ramirez Henna Tattoos – H10

aWESome Leachies – C7

Bailey and Bailey Reptiles – F14, F15

Colorful Scales – E14

Crafty Gargoyles – C10, C11

Fancy Pants Geckos – E15

Gecko Element – C1-C4

Gecko World Austin – F1-F4

Gexolotl – A3

Hairy Hooligans – C6

Jimmy Anders – C12

Joseph Martinez/Kristin Tran – A2

Lost Bay Reptiles – E8, E9

Lou Lou’s Worms – C5

Mike Brizzee Reptiles – E5

MR Reptile – F5, F6

Nature’s Exquisite Creatures – C13

Pet Snake Snacks – F10-F13

Rancho de Tortuga – E1-E4

S&S Exotics – G1

San Benito Wildlife Refuge – H5

Scaley Amigos – C14

Shawn Barnett – A1

Snake Charmer Snake Hooks – A4, A5

Soaring Snakes – F16, F17

South Tex Gex – C8, C9

Southern Reptile Supplies – D1

SunByrne Exotics – C14

Texas Sea Life Center – H3, H4

The Jungle Hut – E10-E13

The Leather Garden – B1