January 2020 Vendor List

TRCO Native Display – TVE Room

TxARK Silent Auction Tables – E1-E3

TxARK Animal Interactions and Kid’s Corner – TVE Room

13 Reptiles – L5-L6

3rd Coast Reptiles – P6

6SNMORE – F7-F10

ACW Reptiles – K5

Animal Equipment by Stoney – D8-D9

Balls to the Walls – K6

B.A.R. Reptiles

Bay Area Exotics – K19

Best Exotics – H11-H12

Blake Wilson Reptiles

BRACE Exotics – Q1

Brandi O’Quinn Independent Scentsy Consultant – F12

Casarez Reptiles

CenTex Caging – C13-C16

Coast Reptiles – L11-L12

CornBalls – I5

Crafty Gargoyles – F5-F6


Custom Reptiles – C17-C18

Dark Bright Decay

Designer Reptiles

Dragon Cages Reptile and Racks – B0

E Squared Exotics – H1-H4

Eddie V Gray Wetlands Center – TVE Room

Edenic Serpents – K17

EMS Reptiles – J1-J4

Fascination Herp – H5-H6

GBG Exotics – I8-I13

Gecko Element – F1-F4

Gecko World Austin – K9-K14

Ghann’s Cricket Farm – L16-L17

Gina’s Heart of Gold Rescue – D10

Gopher Your Pet

Grant Family Exotics

Grove Geckos

Hail the Scale – P13

Herp Hooks

High Scale Enclosures – L1-L4

Houston Frogs – M1-M8

Houston Rodent Supply – J1-J4

Huntsville State Park – TVE Room

Iced Mice and Rats – C19

J and A Reptiles

KDF Reptiles – A5-A6

Laura’s STEM Creations

Lizards 4-U Cages 2 – K15-K16

Lou Lou’s Worms – L16-L19

Lovins Reptiles

Mena’s Dragons

Moon and Back Exotics

Nature’s Exquisite Creatures

NEW Reptiles

Noctem Exotics

Once Upon A Gecko – F11

Pet Den – E5-E6

Pet Snake Snacks – C8-C11

PetFlyTrap .com – H8-H10

Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary

Phoenix Reptiles

Pink Pitbull Productions – PP

Precious Creations – I15-I16

Python in a Pear Tree

Ragin’ Redtails – E4

Rancho de Tortuga – K1-K4

Reptiles2You – L20-L21

Salmon Ecological – C20

Sam’s Twisted Art

Scaley Pets and Friends

Shores Enuff Snakes – E7-E8

Simply Serpents – A4

Simply Southern Crafted – A1-A3

SMS Morphs – L13-L15

Snake Charmers Snake Hooks – I6-I7

Snake Eyes Exotics – A7-A8

Snakes and the Fatman

Soaring Snakes – P1-P5, P14

Southern Reptile Supplies – N1

Split Rock Reptiles – K18

Starlight Geckos – P11-P12

TC Insects – D5-D7

Texas Icons – C12

Texas Reptile Collective – G1-G12

TGR Exotics (Sales Table) – C1

TGR Exotics (Educational Display) – Front Foyer

The Bead Muse

The Bio Dude – D1-D4

The Leather Garden

The Rodent Shoppe – P1-P5, P14

The Lemur Refuge – TVE Room

Ty Dye Exotics

Ultimate Reptiles

Ultra Violet Exotics

Urban Albino

Venom Proof Cages

VPI – L7-L9



Waiting List

Royal Authority


Ginger Snaps Exotic Reptiles

Cilla’s Special Serpents

Artitstic CheezWiz

Maltese Morphs

Low Rider Ranch Exotics

Rita’s Roaches

Wilder Ball Pythons

Bailey and Bailey Reptiles

Symton Inc.




























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