Austin Layout 7-6-17


Texas Venom Experience – Talks at 12 and 2 each day

13 Reptiles – A6, A7

Alpha Geckos – C1-C5, C12

Austin Reptile Connection – C6, C7

Ball Python Investments (Sunday Only) – H2

Beardorama Exotics – A8, A9

Best Exotics – D6, D7

Big Squeeze Constrictors – B11

Chambers Reptiles – G0

Charlie Pasket (Dubia Roaches) – C10, C11

Crafty Gargoyles – A11, A12

Custom Reptiles – D8, D9

England’s Exotics – D10

Fascination Herps – D4, D5

Fass Farms – E7

Gecko Element – A1-A4

Gecko World Austin – E1-E3

Gexolotl – J1

High Scale Enclosures – D2, D3

Joel W Reptiles – B7

John Griffis Ball Pythons – C8, C9

Little Foot Reptiles – G1

Lone Star Exotic Reptiles – A5

Lou Lou’s Worms – B5, B6

Nature’s Exquisite Creatures – D11

Pennell Brothers – A10

Pet Snake Snacks – E8-E10

Rancho de Tortuga – B1-B4

Scales and Tails – B8, B9

Shores Enuff Snakes – E11, E12

Sloan Exotics – G4

Snake Charmer Snake Hooks – J2, J3

Soaring Snakes – E4-E6

South Texas Dragons – G5-G7

Southern Reptile Supplies – F1

T5 Boas – J4, J5

Terrestrial and Arboreal LLC – D1, D12

Texas Boa Exotics – B12

The Jungle Hut – G2, G3

The Leather Garden – H3

Urban Albino – B10

VPI – Vida Preciosa International – J6-J8

Whiterock Veterinary Hospital and Exotic Pet Care – H1




 Updated list coming soon!


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